Git Clone and git push and pull concept — 17.03.2019

This is the concept we are using almost all the time with developers working in VCS. Let me share quickly concepts how to clone, pull in local repository and finally push in remote Github account.

Steps to follow:

  1. First clone the repository from github
  2. Go to the repository cloned and make some changes
  3. Push the changes back to the remote repository
  1. First clone the repository from github:

Go to your repository in github

→ Install git and make typing git should show description

→ Open terminal/command prompt type

git clone

Normally this is the same url of the browser with .git in the end. Now your git is cloned in the local

cd <you_repository>

i.e. cd

Now make some changes here.

→ To check changes staged or not

git status

git add .

git commit -a -m “Your commit message‘

→ To check whether you are same member or not

git config — global ‘’

git config — global ‘abc’

check whole lists here:

git config — list

→ You can check your committed logs here:

git commit log

git commit log -2 // last 2 logs

→ Finally pushing the changes: It may ask for credentials if not logged in

git push

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