How far can Node JS go?

  • Windows and OS X Desktop Applications — Using Electron companies including Slack and Microsoft (Visual Studio Code) have used this Node tool set to create native applications.
  • iPhone and Android Applications — React Native now provides native-quality experiences for significant portions of Facebook’s mobile applications in addition to those of companies like CBS Sports, Vogue, and apparently Walmart in the near future.
  • Internet Of Things (iOT) — Javascript is now finding it’s way into production quality iOT devices, partially thanks to a library called Johnny-Five. Also at the NodeSummit, developers from FitBit, Qualcomm, and McLaren and others discussed their companies use of Javascript.
  • ROBOTS — Using single board computers like the Raspberry Pi, Nodebots is enabling anyone to create fully functioning robots using JavaScript.
  • 1 database for everything
  • Access times reduction of 300%



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Amir Mustafa

Amir Mustafa

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