Episode 2. Installing Docker in Mac OS (Fixing Docker Desktop Starting issue)

→ In this article, we will understand the steps to install Docker Desktop in Mac OS.

→ We will also fix the generic problem — Docket Desktop is starting (which stays in an infinite loop)

Installing Docker:

→ Go to docker’s official website and click Docs


→ Click Download and Install

→ From here we choose the OS, as per our requirement. It is important to note:

a. Mac OS: requires a minimum version10.15

b. Windows OS: requires minimum Windows 10 Home

c. Linux: No restrictions

→ Click Mac OS. Chose download option. There will be two options — for Intel and Apple chip

→ Click the download file and drag it to Applications. A regular install will happen. Click Finish

→ Once our docker is installed a whale symbol will come on the above menu. Click it to track docker state

→ There is one bug here due to a permissions issue. Dockers remain in the start stage (orange dot).

Fixing Docker Desktop Starting issue:

→ Open the terminal. Run below command

docker run hello-world. // will throw error as docker is not up

→ We will run the below commands one by one:

rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.*cd /usr/local/binchmod 0755 dock*

→ Now quit the docker app and restart it.

→ This time within one minute our docker will be running (green dot)

→ Open Docker dashboard

→ Let us now execute the basic docker command

docker run hello-world

→ We should make sure, every time we restart our system docker should be running to execute commands.

→ Docker is configured successfully. Hurray !! 😀

Windows and Linux Installation:

Team, follow below official documentation:

Windows: https://docs.docker.com/desktop/windows/install/

Linux: https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/

In case we face an issue, do comment to me. Will make a dedicated blog and video.


Closing Thoughts:

The challenging part for the Docker setup was Docker not starting. Once we run commands in the terminal, the issue is fixed. Docker command is ready to be executed.

Thank you for reading till the end 🙌 . If you enjoyed this article or learned something new, support me by clicking the share button below to reach more people and/or give me a follow on Twitter and subscribe Happy Learnings !! to see some other tips, articles, and things I learn about and share there.




JavaScript Specialist | Consultant | YouTuber 🎬. | AWS ☁️ | Docker 🐳 | Digital Nomad | Human

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Amir Mustafa

Amir Mustafa

JavaScript Specialist | Consultant | YouTuber 🎬. | AWS ☁️ | Docker 🐳 | Digital Nomad | Human

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